How to Store Shoes Long-Term?

Shoes are a vital piece of clothing that everyone should select wisely. Quality shoes and boots do not come cheap, so you would want to store them properly so they last as long as possible. If you are looking for tips on how to store shoes long-term, the following shoe storage guidelines will help you get started.

How to Store Shoes Long-Term to Prevent Mold

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Select an Optimal Storage Space

Shoes you wear frequently can be stored in shoe racks or within your closet. For those you wear only a couple of times a year, it is best to store them within a self-storage space or unit. Remember that self-storage spaces are open to various environmental factors including pests, dust, moisture, and humidity. Therefore, you should select a secure storage room that will protect your shoes against these elements. Also, climate-controlled storage spaces provide the most favorable conditions for the long-term storage of shoes.

Sort your Shoes into Categories

Once you have selected where to store your shoes, the next thing you need to do is group the shoes into 2 categories – the ones you wear regularly and the ones you wear occasionally or seasonally. Arranging your shoes by frequency of usage will make it a lot simpler to pull them in and out of storage.

Get your Shoes Ready for Packing and Storage

If you are considering long-term storage for your shoes, you must prepare them properly for that. You can use the following tips to do this:

  • If you store shoes with minor tears and wear on them, the damages may worsen during storage. Therefore, examine your shoes for such minor damages and fix them accordingly.
  • You must ensure your shoes are properly cleaned before you store them long-term. Remove surface debris and dust from the shoes using a horsehair brush. If your leather shoes have stains on them, apply a mixture of vinegar and water to the stained area and wait for it to dry. Once dry, wipe it off using a lint-free cloth. After cleaning, get a good anti-bacterial spray and apply it to your shoes to prevent the buildup of bacteria and odor.
  • Your shoes will typically get wet as you clean them. Do not store them while wet because this can allow mold and mildew to grow. So, let your shoes dry properly under the sun.

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Carefully Place Your Shoes into your Storage Boxes

If you still have the boxes that your shoes came in, use them as storage boxes for your shoes. If they are no longer available you should consider getting cardboard boxes of similar sizes. Use the following tips to pack each storage box:

  • Get some packing paper and place them on the interior of each storage box. This will serve as a soft base for the shoes to rest on
  • Crumple up some packing paper and put them inside each shoe. This will help the shoes preserve their form.
  • Use packing paper to wrap each shoe
  • Put the wrapped shoes into the storage box and secure the cover with tape
  • Put the Storage boxes within plastic tubs.

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Label Each Container

Label Each Container After packing your tubs, make sure each container is properly labeled to maintain an organized system. You can do this with a permanent marker or indelible ink.

Pack your Storage Space

When storing your shoes inside your storage space, make sure the shoes are not kept close to walls or on bare floors. Stack the shoes on a wooden pallet to prevent moisture intrusion. Also, make sure that the containers you will be using the most are kept close to the entrance of the storage space for easy access.

Keep your shoes away from windows and out of the sun if you don’t want them to fade and degrade.

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