Convert EU Shoe Size to US Shoe Size – Shoe Size Guide

Workwear shoes that fit appropriately are essential considering all of the standing and walking you do at the workplace. However, finding perfect-fitting shoes can be a herculean task. This is because shoe sizing methods vary by country, at times by brand or type of shoe. If you are looking for an EU to US shoe size comparison chart, then you have come to the right place. Here, you will learn about the difference between the EU and US shoe sizing methods. Also, you will get some beneficial tips for determining your shoe size.

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EU Shoe Size to US Conversion Chart

Women’s Shoe Size Conversion – EU to US

When you need to convert EU sizing to US sizing, all you have to do is subtract 31 from the EU shoe size. Therefore, if for example, you come across an EU-made women’s shoe that is size 40, then its US size equivalent would be 9.

Look at the sizing guide below for particular US sizes plus their equivalents in the EU sizing system:

US Sizes Euro Sizes Inches CM
4 35 8.2 20.8
4.5 35 8.3 21.3
5 35-36 8.5 21.6
5.5 36 8.8 22.2
6 36-37 8.9 22.5
6.5 37 9.1 23
7 37-38 9.3 23.5
7.5 38 9.4 23.8
8 38-39 9.5 24.1
8.5 39 9.7 24.6
9 39-40 9.9 25.1
9.5 40 10 25.4
10 40-41 10.2 25.9
10.5 41 10.3 26.2
11 41-42 10.5 26.7
11.5 42 10.7 27.1
12 42-43 10.9 27.6

Men’s Shoe Size Conversion – EU to US 

When you need to convert EU sizing to US sizing, you should subtract 33 from the EU shoe size. So, if for example you find an EU-made men’s shoe that is size 44, then its US size equivalent would be 11.

US Sizes Euro Sizes Inches CM
6 39 9.3 23.5
6.5 39 9.5 24.1
7 40 9.6 24.4
7.5 40-41 9.8 24.8
8 41 9.9 25.4
8.5 41-42 10.1 25.7
9 42 10.3 26
9.5 42-43 10.4 26.7
10 43 10.6 27
10.5 43-44 10.8 27.3
11 44 10.9 27.9
11.5 44-45 11.1 28.3
12 45 11.3 28.6
13 46 11.6 29.4
14 47 11.9 30.2
15 47 12.2 31
16 49 12.5 31.8

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Always remember that this is only a general guideline. Some shoe brands run large while others run small. For certain brands, you may have to employ a conversion chart specific to the brand.

Tips for Determining your Shoe Size at Home

Using a Brannock device is the best method to get your precise shoe size. This is because the tool measures your foot length as well as your foot width. If, however, you do not have access to this device, you can also achieve accurate measurements by following the steps below:

Materials you will require:

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Measuring tape/Ruler


  1. If you regularly wear socks with your workwear shoes, put the socks on before you commence measuring your feet
  2. Place the paper on a rigid, flat floor. Avoid carpeted floor as the surface may not be smooth or level.
  3. While squatting, sitting or standing, place your foot steadily on the paper
  4. Trace your foot’s outline using a pen or marker. Do this by drawing a line round the edges of your foot. As you do this, the pen should make an angle of 90 degrees with the paper
  5. Repeat the above processes but this time with your other foot. It is a good idea to measure both feet because your right and left feet might differ in size
  6. Mark the broadest and longest points on each of the outlines you traced. For most individuals, the longest point is from tip of the big toe to tip of the heel.
  7. Measure the broadest and longest portions of your feet using the measuring tape or ruler
  8. Write down the figures you obtained for each measurement.
  9. Find your precise shoe size with the aid of a shoe size conversion calculator or tool.

Measuring your feet every so often is a wise thing to do because your feet tend to get bigger during pregnancy, as you grow older, or because of specific health problems. This will help ensure you do not purchase ill-fitting workwear shoes that may cause you a great deal of discomfort.

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