How to Choose the Right Shoes for Your Feet

Fashion should not be your only concern when shopping for footwear. You also need to think of function as well as protection for your feet. If you are a nurse, you probably spend most of your workday standing with doctors and patients or walking on hard surfaces. In this instance, you need a pair of nursing shoes that will help you perform your duties with less fatigue, less strain, and more support.

If your work keeps you standing or walking for extended periods, below are some important tips to help you select the right shoes for your feet. These tips are especially important when shopping for footwear online.

How To Choose The Right Shoes – What Is Your Foot Shape?

Do not Approximate your Shoe Size

This is the most important tip. The majority of individuals provide a range when asked to give their shoe size. It is common to hear people say things like, “I wear a size 7 or 8”. If you purchase a pair of shoes online, and they do not fit adequately, you have no option than to return them. When it comes to e-commerce, it is vital you select a product with the precise description that fits your needs.

An estimated size may not fit your feet correctly when the footwear finally reaches your home. A comfortable footwear is one that fits correctly immediately after purchase. If the shoes do not fit the first time you wear them, then they are almost certainly not the appropriate size for your feet.

If you do not know how to find out your precise shoe size, then the next tip will help you out.

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Learn how to Measure your Feet

You should measure your feet each time you are in the market for a new pair of shoes. This is vital because, whenever your body undergoes some changes, the size of your foot may also change. For example, you may notice little changes in your foot size, when you lose or gain weight.

You can find out your precise shoe size by measuring your feet yourself at home, or with the aid of the Brannock device (which is simply a foot measurement tool). Once you have correctly ascertained your foot dimensions, compare the dimensions you got against the vendor’s shoe size-chart. If the vendor does not offer any shoe size-chart, get in touch with the makers of the shoe, and ask for their own chart. This could be a lot more accurate.

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Read the Footwear Description in Detail

When shopping for shoes particularly online, it helps to know all the details regarding the footwear you desire. This information gives you a good idea of how the shoes will look and feel when they arrive.

Online shoe vendors typically list the specifications and features of the shoes they sell. Some of these details are type of sole, heel number, the material or fabric the shoe is made of, how to care for the footwear, and so forth.

Make sure you pay attention to all of these details. They will certainly guide you in selecting the right shoes for your feet. Do not make your purchasing decision based solely on the vendor-provided product images.

In addition, you should carefully read the product reviews. This way, you will find out what other users are saying about that specific footwear model. By reading online reviews, you will also learn about other important details including the footwear’s real size and comfort features.

It is especially important to know about these details If you are looking to buy a pair of nursing shoes online. If you fail to read the shoes’ description carefully, you may end up with a good-looking shoe that provides little or not support and comfort.

Learn about Shoe Size Measurement Systems

Online stores operate from different parts of the world. And not all footwear sizes are measured the same way. Some reasons for this are given below:

  • Not all countries employ the same sizing method
  • Not all countries employ the same measurement units
  • Some countries measure in full and half sizes while some measure in only full sizes.

For Instance, for men, a size 31 in Japan can be a size 12 in the United Kingdom and a size 46 in Europe. For this reason, make sure you take note of the country the online shoe shop you are buying from is located. In addition, different footwear brands have different footwear sizes. Thus, it is important you follow each brand’s guiding principle before you make the purchase.

Women’s Shoe Size Conversion US, UK, & EU

US Sizes UK Sizes Euro Sizes Inches CM
4 2 35 8.2 20.8
4.5 2.5 35 8.3 21.3
5 3 35-36 8.5 21.6
5.5 3.5 36 8.8 22.2
6 4 36-37 8.9 22.5
6.5 4.5 37 9.1 23
7 5 37-38 9.3 23.5
7.5 5.5 38 9.4 23.8
8 6 38-39 9.5 24.1
8.5 6.5 39 9.7 24.6
9 7 39-40 9.9 25.1
9.5 7.5 40 10 25.4
10 8 40-41 10.2 25.9
10.5 8.5 41 10.3 26.2
11 9 41-42 10.5 26.7
11.5 9.5 42 10.7 27.1
12 10 42-43 10.9 27.6

Men’s Shoe Size Conversion US, UK, & EU

US Sizes UK Sizes Euro Sizes Inches CM
6 5.5 39 9.3 23.5
6.5 6 39 9.5 24.1
7 6.5 40 9.6 24.4
7.5 7 40-41 9.8 24.8
8 7.5 41 9.9 25.4
8.5 8 41-42 10.1 25.7
9 8.5 42 10.3 26
9.5 9 42-43 10.4 26.7
10 9.5 43 10.6 27
10.5 10 43-44 10.8 27.3
11 10.5 44 10.9 27.9
11.5 11 44-45 11.1 28.3
12 11.5 45 11.3 28.6
13 12.5 46 11.6 29.4
14 13.5 47 11.9 30.2
15 14.5 47 12.2 31
16 15.5 49 12.5 31.8

Know Your Feet Type

Know Your Feet Type

When considering buying a new pair of nursing shoes, make sure you first find out your feet arch type before making the purchase. If you do not know your arch type, follow the steps below to find out:

  1. Immerse your foot in a basin of water
  2. Step on a cardboard piece
  3. Examine the print made on the cardboard piece
  4. Use the “Ascertain your feet arch type” to find out your own arch type

With the assistance of a reliable biomechanic, you can also get your foot arch assessed and calibrated to determine whether you have a high arch, flat arch or normal-arched foot. When shopping for shoes, be sure to choose one that will best suit your arch and foot pressure points.

Buy from a Dependable Source

If you are shopping for shoes online, make sure you do your shopping in a reliable online store. Sadly, there are many fraudulent e-commerce sites on the web today, and they can give you a chase for your money. So, to avoid getting defrauded, be careful with your clicks.

In addition, every e-commerce website has its terms and conditions. Many people tend to simply accept these terms without even reading them. Therefore, make sure you read them carefully particularly the return policies.

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When your shoes finally arrive, you have to test them to find out if they fit your foot’s natural contours and movements. You should trust your own comfort level instead of the footwear’s size description. As mentioned earlier, sizes differ between brands. And, regardless of how comfortable and supportive an advert claims the footwear is, you are the real judge.

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