Can You Put Sneakers In the Dryer?

Sneakers offer several benefits. They are amazingly comfortable, they can be paired with practically any outfit, and they also make a good fashion statement. However, wearing dirty sneakers can damage your appearance. Moreover, hand washing and air drying sneakers are tedious processes that can take up to 24 hours or more. If you want your sneakers to dry quicker than normal, you can toss them into the dryer. But, is it advisable to do that?

Can You Put Sneakers In the Dryer? If So, Should You?

Can Sneakers be Dried in the Dryer?

Sadly, this is not recommended. Dryers are especially beneficial for drying things like cotton clothing, bed linen, towels, and perhaps dirty laces. If you throw your sneakers in the dryer, the rough tumbling may reduce the useful life of your shoes. Furthermore, most footwear manufacturers do not recommend using a dryer to dry shoes.

These shoe brands unanimously confirm this statement:

– Adidas (official website)
– Vans (official website)
– Converse (official website)
– New Balance (official website)

The outsoles of most sneakers are made of rubber and other delicate materials. The heat from inside the dryer can easily deform these materials. If your sneaker has a canvas upper, the heat might cause the canvas to lose shape due to uneven shrinking. For sneakers with lace-up closure, the laces may tangle with other clothes leading to tearing.

Another issue you may encounter when using a dryer to dry your sneakers is that you may end up ruining the shoes completely. This can be an awful problem considering that quality sneakers do not come cheap. There are several techniques that you can use to safely dry your wet sneakers. Instead of using a dryer, you can leave them overnight in an open and well-ventilated area to dry.

The above reasons notwithstanding, you can still toss your sneakers in the dryer for a quick dry. However, you must do it correctly to achieve good results. Below is the appropriate method to do it.

How to Dry Sneakers in the Dryer?

  1. Check the Labels:

Read the content of the label on the sneakers to see whether it has information regarding machine drying them. The label is usually fitted on the tongue. If the label says “air dry only” then you should never throw the sneakers in the dryer. If no label indicates whether to machine dry or air dry the shoes, then there are a few steps you can take. You can contact their customer service team to get the information you require. You can also Google the product and brand name and look for washing directions.

Generally, you should avoid machine-drying suede or leather sneakers because the heat within the dryer can dry the fabric causing it to crack. Also, machine-drying sneakers with adornments like sequins is not a good idea because the adornments may get detached.

  1. Make a Knot using both Shoelaces:

Place the sneakers beside each other and collect the laces. Next, make a knot using the laces from both shoes in such a manner that the sneakers hang alongside each other.

  1. Suspend the Sneakers within the Dryer:

Grab the sneakers by the laces draping the laces over the dryer door so the sneakers are suspended inside the dryer. While holding the laces, close the dryer door ensuring that the laces are lodged in place.

  1. Set the Machine Dryer’s setting to “Air Dry”:

If you use a high heat setting, the sneakers may shrink as they dry. Thus, if there is no air-dry setting on your machine, you should use the lowest temperature.

Switch on the dryer and leave it to run for approximately 20 minutes. Carefully open the door ensuring that the sneakers do not fall into the dryer. Check to see if the sneakers are completely dry. If not, suspend them once more in the dryer and let the machine run for another 5 minutes.

Conclusion: Can You Put Sneakers In the Dryer?

While it is not a good idea to toss your sneakers in the dryer, you can still use this technique for those times you want a quick dry. Just ensure you follow the safety measures recommended in this article.

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