How to Stop Shoe Heels from Wearing Down?

How to Stop Shoe Heels from Wearing Down

Do the heels of your shoes wear down quickly, causing you to have to replace your shoes more often than you desire? Well, happily, there are ways to solve the issue of heels wearing out quickly so your shoes can last you a long time. The heels of your shoes will eventually wear down with regular wear; however, this should not occur at an alarming rate.

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Ways to Prevent Shoe Heels from Wearing Out Rapidly

Adopt Proper Walking Posture Habits

If the heels of your shoes always wear down on one side, chances are that you have a posture problem. Once your shoes’ heels have worn down unevenly, they lose their shape making them almost impossible to wear. The best way to prevent this from occurring is by adopting correct walking posture habits. Below are 3 steps to good walking posture.

Prevent Shoe Heels from Wearing Out

  • Stand Up Straight: As you walk, ensure that your chin is up, your back straight, and your head upright. Maintaining this posture will not only help prevent heels from wearing down unevenly but will also help you avoid certain health problems. Walking with a slant backward or forward puts tension on your hips. This may result in long-term problems, such as a stiff neck, hip, and back pain.
  • Walk Efficiently: Walking efficiently means you have to use practically all the muscle groups in your legs while walking. Thus, you have to engage your calves, quadriceps, and hamstrings as you walk. You should not push off with your front leg because you will end up placing excessive tension on your lower back and pelvis with each step. This habit may ultimately lead to injury and pain.

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You should rather push from your back leg and buttocks. This will propel you forward naturally without straining your legs.

  • Engage Your Core While Walking: Engaging your core is very important for keeping you balanced and supporting your weight. As you walk, tighten your stomach muscles as this will help keep them strong, prevent lower back pain, and enhance your posture. And, as mentioned earlier, adopting a good walking posture will help stop your shoe heels from wearing down too soon.

Rotate Your Shoes

Rotating your shoes is another simple technique to stop shoe heels from wearing down. By alternating between pairs, you not only extend the useful life of your shoes but will also help you avoid nasty fungal and bacterial problems. If you are a runner, rotating between pairs will also help reduce your danger of injury.

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Install Rubber Taps to Your Shoes’ Heels

The taps shield your shoes’ heels from wearing out rapidly and can offer a bit of additional traction. When shopping for taps, you should choose high-quality ones that will last you a long time. Installation of the taps should be easy if you are a DIY type of person. A reputable cobbler can also help you install rubber taps on your heels.

Invest in Quality Shoe Sole Protectors

This is especially important for shoes that you wear for heavy-duty jobs or the ones you wear regularly. Sole protectors have a thickness of approximately one millimeter and are carefully shaped to match the outline of the heels and soles to which they are affixed. Happily, these products are very easy to install so may not require the services of a shoe repairer.

Note that the sole protectors will wear out after you have been using them for some time. This means you have to change them on a regular basis.

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Conclusion: How to Stop Shoe Heels from Wearing Down?

If you wish to stop the heels of your shoes from wearing down too soon, you should certainly consider the tips given in this post. However, before you purchase any pair of shoes, check to see that it has high-quality soles. This is the first step to having footwear that will last you a long time.

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