How to Break In Work Boots Fast: 5 Proven Methods

A pair of well-built, hardy work boots is a vital item of personal protective equipment in a broad range of professions and industries. If you have invested good money in purchasing your new work boots, know that you likely need to break the shoes in before they become comfortable for frequent and prolonged use. There is no shortcutting the time required to break in new boots. However, the following tricks and tips can help ensure the process is as painless and as straightforward as possible.

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5 Proven Ways to Break in New Work Boots Fast

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  1. Walk Around in Your New Work Boots at Home

It takes patience and time to fully break-in leather work boots. One way to achieve quick results is by wearing your new shoes at home. Wear the boots while going about your usual home routines. Begin with just 15 minutes daily and steadily increase the period you spend wearing the shoes. Trying to break in the boots by wearing them for several hours and days at a time can lead to blisters and pain. In contrast, your feet will be happy if you spend some time breaking them in.

  1. Wear Thick Socks

There are two benefits to breaking in new leather work boots by wearing thick socks. To start with, the socks help increase the force on the leather material causing it to stretch as well as mold to your feet’s shape. Secondly, the socks provide some form of cushioning during the break-in period. This helps ensure you do not get blisters caused by the continual rubbing of the shoes against your skin. For best results, it is recommended you use thick premium cotton socks that are slightly bigger than you typically would use. You can achieve excellent results within a week by using this method to break in your new boots.

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  1. Use a Boot Stretcher

A boot stretcher (sometimes referred to as a boot expander) is a mechanical tool that reduces pressure around the toe region while stretching the entire boot to fit more comfortably. Below are some tips for using a boot stretcher.

  • Get a good stretch spray and properly apply it to the interior and exterior of your boots. This is a good way to prepare the boots for stretching. Focus on sections that are especially stiff and tight.
  • Take the boot stretcher and fully close the toe block.
  • Position the stretcher inside your boot making certain the toe block is in contact with the toe box.
  • To widen the toe box, turn the T handle clockwise.
  • Leave the stretcher within the boot for roughly 8 hours, after which you can check the fit
  • Repeat this process until the boot is properly stretched. It may take up to 48 hours to attain the fit you desire.

Note that if the boot stretcher stays for too long inside your boots, they may be overstretched causing them to be excessively loose.

  1. Use Leather Conditioner

Using a leather conditioner is a quick and convenient way to break in new leather work boots. The leather conditioner works like a skin moisturizer. as it helps moisten and soften the leather material. When you apply the conditioner to your leather boots, it hydrates and softens the leather making it a lot more pliable. Once the leather material has been softened, the boots can adapt easily to your feet’ shape without discomfort or pain.

Below are some tips for doing this:

  • Grab your new pair of leather work boots and liberally smear the conditioner on the boot’s upper
  • Leave the boots under a shade for about 3 hours
  • Once the fabric is softened, put on the boots. The boots should mold to your feet’s shape
  • Get rid of excessive conditioner on the boots using a damp cloth
  • Leave the boots under a shade to dry completely. You can also use a hand dryer to dry them.
  1. Use Rubbing Alcohol

When alcohol is applied to a leather boot, the leather fibers soak up the alcohol, which softens it. This makes the break-in process a lot quicker. Use the following tips to break in your new leather work boots.

  • Clean the boots to get rid of dirt and dust
  • Smear rubbing alcohol on the boots and leave it for about 20 minutes so the leather fibers are properly hydrated by the alcohol
  • Wear the boots and walk around in them so they adapt properly to your feet’s outline

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