How to Break in Dansko Shoes – Without Killing Your Feet

Dansko shoes are renowned for their incredible comfort as well as their amazing styles. These shoes are engineered especially to provide all-day support, comfort, and durability. They come with spacious toe boxes, super cozy rocker bottoms, solid high arches, and APMA approved outsoles. It is little wonder then nurses adore these shoes. Numerous online reviews of these shoes report that they require some break-in period. If you take some time to break in your new pair of Danskos, you will find that they make perfect nursing shoes. But, are there appropriate ways to break in Danskos? What are the best tips to achieve the best results? Keep reading to discover the answers.

Breaking in a new pair of Dansko shoes or any other shoe brand for that matter is not something that will occur quickly. It is a gradual process and will take a bit of time. But, happily, there are ways to break them in fast.

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Easy Tips to Mould Your New Danskos to Suit Your Feet

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Wear the Shoes Around Your Home

One of the simplest ways to break in your new Danskos is by wearing them around. When your foot slides into a new pair of Danskos, the sole may feel a little stiff but it will improve with time. Before you wear the shoes outdoors, you can try sitting down, standing around, walking up the stairs, and even running in the shoes.

When breaking in your new Danskos at home, begin with wearing them for short periods at a time, say 10 minutes. Do this for 2 or 3 days and gradually increase the length of time until you can wear them comfortably for sixty minutes at a time. When you get to this stage, the shoe should feel a little more comfortable.

Wear Thick Socks

While there is no need to wear socks with most Dansko Clogs, you should wear them with socks while trying to break in the shoes. Wear the shoes with thick socks (ones that are slightly larger than you typically would use). Chunky socks will enhance cushioning and coziness so the break-in process will be a lot easier. Avoid doing prolonged walking at this stage otherwise, you will get blisters. Simply keep your feet within the shoe.

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Wear Your New Shoes to Work

You can wear your other nursing shoes to work, then change into your new Danskos at work. Do this whenever you have some rest time as you do not need to be active to break in the shoe. So, even while you are sitting at a desk, the shoe will be adjusting to your feet.

Quicker Ways to Break in Your New Danskos

The Ice Bag Method

One of the quickest methods to break in your new Danskos is employing the ice bag technique. Get 2 plastic freezer bags and fill them with water. Be sure to choose bags that are large enough to put pressure on your shoes as the water expands within the freezer. Place each of the bags within each shoe. Ensure the bag’s seal is locked tightly to prevent water and ice from getting into your shoes.

Next, place the shoes inside the freezer and leave them overnight. When the water within the shoe gets frozen, it will expand and put pressure on the hollow inside the shoe thus breaking them in. In the morning, remove the shoes from the freezer and take the bags out of the shoes. Leave the shoes to warm up a little and then try walking around in them. The shoes should be well-fitting and comfortable.

The Potato Peeling Technique

The Potato Peeling Technique

Get a large potato – one that is a bit larger than the cavity of your new Dansko, but not so large that it distorts the shape of the toe box. Peel the potato and wipe it down using a paper towel. This is to ensure it does not leave a lot of liquid inside your shoe. Put the potato within the opening of your Dansko and leave overnight. Take it out in the morning. You should notice that the shoe upper has stretched out considerably or a little depending on the potato’s size.

Heat up the Shoe

If the upper of your Dansko shoe is leather, heating it will expand the material and make it more flexible. You can use a heat gun to apply heat to the upper as well as the sides of the souls. This should cause the shoes to fit better and simpler to walk in. You need to be extremely careful when using this technique to prevent accidental burns.

Whichever method you employ to break in your Danskos, be sure to have the appropriate size. Also, while breaking in your new shoes might take a bit of time and feel somewhat unpleasant if it is done properly, the shoes will help keep your feet comfortable and supported no matter the length of your shift.

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