Why Do Nurses Wear White Shoes?

Conventional nursing shoes are white and some hospitals require that nurses wear white shoes. If you are wondering why this is so, there is really no clear-cut answer. It appears the dress code for nurses designed by Florence Nightingale back in the twentieth century was what led to nurses wearing all-white uniforms. Nightingale understood that the wearing of uniforms would command respect for her nurses.

The uniform worn by Nightingale’s nurses comprised a gray tweed dress along with a matching jacket. They also wore a white apron over the dress. As the nursing vocation got more sophisticated, the uniform also advanced with it. White became the primary color of nurses’ uniforms by the 1900s because it was deemed to look sanitary, clean, and scientific. These days, nursing shoes are offered in various types, designs, and colors to suit all feet sizes and a broad variety of tastes.

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Types of Nursing Shoes


Sneakers are designed mainly for physical activities like sports or exercise. Today, nurses and other healthcare professionals wear sneakers due to their coziness and durability. Besides, because of their impressive cushioning, sneakers are ideal for nurses who work in quick-paced environments and are on their feet for extended periods. Sneakers also provide matchless comfort and are arguably the best option for nurses who suffer from conditions like back pain and flat feet. Some hospitals do not permit the use of sneakers so speak with your hospital’s management before purchasing them.

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Slip-Ons resemble sneakers on the upper but they are very simple to put on/remove. They do not come with laces or straps, which is a key benefit. Nurses are continually exposed to harmful micro-organisms thus it might be unsafe to touch your footwear now and again when tying up laces. Furthermore, loose laces can get caught on things and cause you to grip. This is why slip-Ons are ideal for nurses who work long shifts.

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Nurses love wearing clogs because they provide superlative comfort. They are arguably the most popular nursing shoes. Their popularity increased when crocs was introduced to the world in the year 2002. These shoes allow for excellent ventilation and they come with spacious toe boxes and open backs that deliver all-day comfort.

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Crocs are popular for their cozy shoes that are also very durable. There is a Crocs shoe line that is specially designed for nurses. These shoes offer that cushiony coziness and fantastic slip resistance that Crocs shoes are known for. The shoes are offered in several color choices including black and white. They are also lightweight, easy to clean, and are highly affordable.

Note that some healthcare facilities in different parts of the globe have banned some crocs shoe lines in their uniforms due to safety concerns. These facilities believe that the ventilation openings on the side and top of some Crocs shoes are dangerous if syringes and other sharp objects poke through. Therefore, be sure to check your workplace’s uniform standards before purchasing any pair of crocs.

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The Importance of Nursing Shoes

Whether you are already working full-time as a nurse or you are a student at a nursing school, you probably already know that the job of a nurse is a tasking one. During a typical 12-hour shift, you spend the majority of the time walking, standing, or running with no time to stop and rest. That is why proper fitting shoes are insanely critical for you. Protect your lower extremities and back by choosing reliable nursing shoes.

Tips to Choose your Next Pair of Work Shoes

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  1. Comfort

The most important feature you should look out for in a work shoe is comfort. The comfortability of a shoe derives mainly from the footwear’s cushioning and interior structure. Comfort is a comparative notion. Therefore, select a shoe that fits you properly and suits your active work life.

  1. Support

To survive those extended shifts, you need shoes that good support and balance. Nursing shoes with great support will help keep your entire body particularly your back and feet pain-free no matter how long your shift is.

  1. Slip-resistance

You need shoes with non-slip outsoles so you can walk confidently on wet/slippery surfaces

  1. Ventilation

Walking around with poorly ventilated shoes can result in heat accumulation inside the shoe, which may cause an unpleasant odor. Breathable shoes help to keep your feet moisture-free and cool all day long.

  1. Color

Choose a shoe color that will fit your nursing scrubs and meet your hospital’s dress code. White shoes tend to go with nearly all clothing pieces including your nursing scrubs. This may be another reason why nurses wear white shoes.

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