Are Clogs Good for your Feet?

If you work 12-hour shifts on a regular basis, then you need supportive and appropriate shoes to look after your feet. Being on your feet for prolonged hours can take a toll on your back, feet, and legs. That is why dependable nursing clogs are so vital. Clogs are specially engineered for nurses and other professionals who require all-day coziness in a challenging work environment like that in a hospital. If you are still in doubt, here are a few reasons why clogs are great nursing shoes.

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These are the reasons why nurses love clogs;

Roomy, Protective Toe Boxes

Shoes with constricted toe regions will not let your toes move freely inside the shoes. They can compel your toes to assume unnatural positions and that can result in painful foot conditions like blisters and bunions. Clogs come with spacious reinforced toe regions to give your toes sufficient space to splay naturally. Besides, the closed-toe design helps shield your toes from spills as well as dropped objects.

Provides All-day Support

Tired, sore legs are a widespread issue for several nurses and doctors. Spending the majority of your workday lifting heavy equipment and attending to patients can place enormous strain on your joints. Regular exercises and getting sufficient sleep at night can help you decrease pain in your back and lower extremities. Nevertheless, wearing supportive nursing clogs is undoubtedly the best method to provide all-day support for your feet.

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Odor Resistant

Clogs are engineered using eco-friendly materials that allow for efficient air circulation within the shoes. This feature ensures your feet remain cool and dry throughout the day.  Since the materials used in making these shoes are breathable, they help to decrease your foot sweat so you will never have to bother about moisture build-up within the shoe. By soaking up the sweat from your feet, clogs eliminate discomforting odors due to dirt accumulation and perspiration.

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Effective Grip on Wet/Slippery surfaces

Those long corridors and concrete ward floors may be simple to clean, but they can also put you at grave risk. Cleaners clean the floors frequently but when you are hurrying to deal with an emergency, you cannot always notice what is on your way. As a nurse, your major concern is to provide quality care for your patients. You may not always remember to look out for slip dangers on the floor. Clogs are fitted with slip-resistant outsoles that give you the traction you require when you need to run or walk around the healthcare facility on slippery surfaces.

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Extremely durable

One key advantage of clogs is that can hold up against whatever messy situation you put them through. If you constantly work on your feet for prolonged hours, you can be certain your clogs are sturdy enough to endure all the storms. These shoes can survive extreme degrees of heat and cold and many are APMA approved.

Easy to Clean and maintain

Nurse clogs are essentially produced using robust materials. Their robustness guarantees their capacity to endure all types of conditions. Thus, you can be certain your durable clogs will not easily be ruined by washing or moisture. Also, it is very easy to get rid of stains and dirt on these shoes. If liquids spill on your shoes at the workplace, it is vital to be able to clean the mess quickly and carry on with your duties. Having lots of spare shoes to wear may not be so practical.

Fits very comfortably

Most clogs are crafted using natural materials that will mold to your foot like a glove. Thus, when you wear the shoe, your feet will not slide around in them or rub unnervingly against the materials as you go about your duties.  This will help reduce your chances of sustaining injuries like calluses, blisters, and friction burns.

Easy to Wear/Remove

Practically every clog does not have laces like the ones on sneakers and some other nursing shoes. This means clogs offer easy-on, easy-off convenience and require no real effort. Open back clogs are even simpler to wear/remove because you only need to slide in your feet and you ready to go.

Clogs have been a favorite among nurses for years. Their unique construction offers many advantages, making them the ideal shoes for work and casual outings. Besides, most nursing clogs come in a wide range of patterns and colors to suit various tastes.

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