How to Keep Feet Dry in Work Boots – 5 Simple Ways

If you will be spending forty or more hours in work boots, you want them to be supportive and comfortable. There is nothing more discomfiting and frustrating than having sweaty and smelly feet at work. While there is little you can do to stop your feet from sweating, there are methods to reduce sweating and keep feet dry in work boots. Below are a few tips to tackle excessive sweating so your feet stay dry and cozy all day.

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5 Easy Ways To Keep Feet Dry In Work Boots

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  1. Sweat Wicking Shoe Inserts

Shoe inserts (sometimes referred to as insoles) are a simple solution to help keep feet dry in work boots. They come in a broad range of sizes ideal for various types of shoes including boots. Choose breathable inserts that allow for excellent air circulation within the boots. This helps ensure your feet stay cool, dry, and odor-free.

There are two methods that insoles help combat foul odor. Some insoles emit their scent to conceal the bad smell while some neutralize the foul odor with the aid of chemicals.

  1. Breathable Work Boots

If your body temperature increases due to physical activity or other reasons, your body cools itself down through sweating. Therefore, to a certain degree, it is normal to have sweaty feet in work boots, particularly when you are performing a physically demanding task or when the weather is hot. Nonetheless, you can prevent sweat accumulation plus associated odor by wearing breathable shoes.

The best breathable boots are fitted with mesh linings that wick excess moisture away so your feet stay dry and cool. Leather boots are generally more breathable compared to rubber boots. This is because leather boots do not allow good ventilation, which can lead to overheating and moisture accumulation within the boots.

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  1. Let Your Feet Air Out

Airing out your feet is one of the easiest ways to keep your feet cool within your work boots. You can achieve similar results with breathable work shoes but this technique works even better. During your break time, take off your socks and boots and let your feet air out. Freeing up your feet 3 – 4 times daily for approximately 10 minutes will help ensure your feet stay dry and cool all through your workday.

  1. Foot Powders

Before you wear your boots, make sure your feet are clean, and then apply some foot powder. You can put some of the powder in your boots as well. The powder will help prevent excessive foot perspiration. Foot powders are available in over-the-counter formulations. They are specially formulated to prevent sweating, soak up excess moisture, thus letting your feet stay dry and comfortable. Foot powders with antifungal and antibacterial qualities are your finest choice for preventing excessive foot perspiration and related odor.

A good alternative to foot powders is antiperspirants. Like when using foot powders, clean and dry your feet before applying the antiperspirant. Antiperspirants come as creams, sprays, and liquids. The active ingredient in all of these products is aluminum chloride, which helps plug your pores to reduce perspiration.

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  1. Moisture-Wicking Socks

Wearing moisture-wicking socks is one of the simplest methods to keep feet dry as well as eliminate smelly feet, particularly if you wear work boots all day long. When shopping for socks, avoid the ones made of cotton as these get soaked when they absorb sweat. Besides, when they get soaked, they are extremely difficult to dry and will keep your feet uncomfortable during prolonged work.

Like cotton, nylon is a poor choice of sock fabric for dealing with sweaty feet. Nylon socks get all soaked up when they absorb sweat. This can lead to blister formation on your feet. Whenever possible, always go for merino wool socks as they are thick, comfortable, and do an excellent job of keeping your feet cool and dry. Socks produced from polyester also work great at preventing moisture buildup within your work boots.

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