How to Stretch Work Boots – 5 Effective Ways!

There are various types of risks at the workplace. Whether you are an electrician, welder, logger, heavy industry, or construction worker, wearing a reliable pair of work boots can help shield your feet from different possible hazards that can hurt your feet while you are earning a living. However, after purchasing that lovely pair of work boots, you may discover that they do not fit properly. You can solve this pesky problem by simply stretching the boots. This post will give you some expert remedies and tricks that solve your work boot stretch issues.

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5 Easy and Affordable Tips to Stretch Your Work Boots

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  1. The Boot Stretcher Method

You can use a boot stretcher to progressively widen leather shoes. This tool typically comes with a lever or knob that you can twist to steadily lengthen and broaden the boot stretcher. You can purchase boot stretchers at nearly all large department stores as well as over the internet.

Steps for Using a Boot Stretcher

  • Close the boot stretcher to ensure it fits into your boot
  • Put the stretcher inside your boot ensuring the stretcher’s toe block (foot-shaped end) is in contact with the toe box.
  • To stretch the length, rotate the T handle counterclockwise. This will stretch the length of your shoes. You will feel the tightness at the ends of your shoes so do not go too tight.
  • To stretch the breadth, twist the T handle clockwise. As you do this, the stretcher’s toe block will be open thereby stretching the breadth of your boot.
  • Leave the stretcher within your boot for approximately 8 hours. Remember that leaving the stretcher within your boots for too long can cause damage to your shoes.
  • Try on the shoes to check the fit. If they are still tight, repeat the process until you achieve your desired fit.

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  1. The Blow Dryer Method

This technique works best for boots that are made with genuine leather. The leather softens when exposed to heat from a hairdryer thereby letting your feet stretch the boot. And, as the leather cools down, it molds to the outline of your foot giving you a cozy fit.

Steps to Stretch work boots using a blow dryer

  • Wear a pair of chunky socks and then put on your boots
  • Take your blow dryer and point it at the tightest sections of your boot (typically the heel and toe regions). Hold for approximately 40 seconds on each position. Be sure to leave a distance of at least 5 inches between the tip of the blower and your boots.
  • For best results, bend, wiggle, and twist your toes as you apply the heat
  • Let the boots stay on your feet during the cooling process to ensure they stretch and mold to your feet’ shape.
  • Try out the boots while wearing your normal socks. Repeat the process until you achieve the fit you are looking for.

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  1. The Stretch Spray Method

You can find a wide variety of boot stretch sprays in the market both online and brick and mortar stores. So, when you purchase a new pair of work boots, be sure to buy a bottle of boot stretch spray.

Steps for Using boot stretch spray

  • Gently apply the spray at the tight locations and leave the boot for approximately 2 minutes to let the liquid soak in
  • Next, wear the boots and walk around in them for some time

Be sure to read carefully the usage instructions given on the product’s label. Some sprays are designed to be applied on the boot’s exterior fabric while others are applied on the inside.

  1. The Freezing Method

The science behind this method is that water expands when it freezes, and this expansion helps to stretch your work boots.

Steps to stretch your work boots by freezing them

  1. Get 2 Ziploc bags and fill them up one-third or half of the bag’s depth.
  2. Zip each of the bags tightly ensuring that there will be no water leakages
  3. Push the water-filled Ziploc bags into your boots. Check to see that the toe region and other pinchy areas are properly filled with water bags
  4. After inserting the bags properly, place your boots within the freezer and leave until the water inside the bags get frozen
  5. Remove your boots from the freezer as soon as the water within the bags is properly frozen. Allow the water to thaw.
  6. Put on your work boots and walk around in them. Repeat the process if they still feel a little tight.

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  1. The Moist Newspaper Method

This technique requires no equipment and is very simple to implement


  1. Get some old newspapers, crumple and slightly moisten them.
  2. Put as much of the crumpled newspapers as you can into your work boots and leave them overnight.
  3. Repeat the process until you achieve the level of stretching you desire

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