What is the Average Shoe Size for Women?

Your feet are your body’s workhorses. The average individual takes 3500 to 4000 steps daily, or approximately 2 miles, which is why foot health is so essential. Women’s shoe size has increased significantly in the past few decades. As women get taller, the average female shoe size has increased. So what exactly is the average shoe size for women? Keep reading to discover the answer to this question.

Average Shoe Size for Women: U.S. and Other Countries

Average Shoe Size in the US

In women, no foot size is abnormal. Your foot size depends on a few factors including genetics, lifestyle, ethnicity, and environment. In the US, anecdotal evidence suggests that the average female shoe size is in the neighborhood of 8.5 to 9. This is a substantial increase considering that in the 1960s and 1970s, this average was only 6.5 and 7.5 respectively.

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Why the Change in Foot Size?

Below are some likely reasons for the change:

  1. Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you gain weight as your belly swells. Your body places a lot more strain on your feet ‘ arches causing them to lengthen and flatten. Also, the pregnancy hormone relaxin slackens the ligament and tendons around your pelvis. This is done to get your body ready for childbirth.

This hormone loosens all of your body ligaments including the ones within your feet. This leads to the spreading and widening of your feet bones. Note that your feet bones do not grow during this process. The ligaments that bind the bones together have loosened up. This may cause you to size up by a half or even full shoe size.

  1. Obesity

Studies have shown that there is a connection between obesity and foot size. Increased weight places additional pressure on the foot. The foot then spreads or widens to accommodate the additional weight.

  1. Lifestyle

In times past, women stayed home to run the house full time. These days, women lead more taxing and active lifestyles. Their feet respond to this lifestyle change by becoming broader and larger. This way, the feet are better able to carry their weight throughout the day.

  1. Height Increase

In the US and some other parts of the globe, heights have increased over the past many decades. As women get taller, their feet also increase in size. Their bodies require the extra foundation support to uphold balance.

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Average Shoe Size by Height in the US

As noted earlier, there is a strong link between shoe size and height. Data collected anecdotally indicate the following relationship between height and shoe size.

Age Height Shoe size
20+ 4 feet 9 inches to 5 feet 3 inches 5 – 8.5
20+ 5 feet 4 inches to 5 feet 7 inches 6.5 – 10
20+ 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet or taller 9 – 15

Average Shoe Size by Country

Country Shoe size Conversion to U.S. size
United Kingdom 6 (EU 39) 6.5 or 7
Japan 3.5 (EU 36.5) 5.5
Australia 8 (EU 39) 7.5

Does Size Matter?

Some research indicates most men find women with dainty feet more attractive compared to women with large feet. However, these research findings are just preliminary findings and not conclusive evidence. Moreover, the reverse is the case in certain cultures. In these cultures, most men find women with hefty feet more attractive compared to those with dainty feet.

In times past, many women opted for smaller shoes because they were considered trendy and stylish. However, these days, most women have realized the importance of choosing shoes that fit their feet properly. Since the average shoe size for women has increased over the years, top shoe brands are stocking bigger female shoe sizes. Companies like Nordstrom, Zappos, Nike, and Adidas now offer a wide variety of large-sized women’s shoes.


There has been a significant increase in the average shoe size for women over the past many decades. All the same, every foot size is normal. Your foot size is largely influenced by your weight and height.

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